Our Mission


REEL supports Bay Area Peninsula 2e kids by providing a bridge between educators and parents.


For educators: raising awareness and understanding of 2e kids and providing resources and educator training to make school a place they can be successful.

For parents: disseminating and creating 2e resources, both online and in person, for advocating for and supporting 2e kids at school. Hosting parent support meetings and speaker series.

Callie Turk Headshot.jpg

Callie Turk, Co-Founder

Callie is the mom of three teens, one of whom is 2e. Callie draws on her 15-plus year career working with ed tech companies and school districts at the cutting edge of educator professional learning. Callie received her MBA from Stanford University and BS from Miami University (Ohio). She is also a doctoral student with the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. She can be reached at callie@reelpaloalto.org.

Yael _Mayfield_Event.jpg

Yael Valek, Co-Founder

Yael has two 2e sons in elementary and middle school. Yael co-founded start-ups in the parenting community and children's creativity spaces. She has served on the board and advisory committees for several education-based non-profits. Yael received her BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. She can be reached at yael@reelpaloalto.org.