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REEL supports Bay Area Peninsula 2e kids by providing a bridge between educators and parents. For educators: raising awareness and understanding of 2e kids and providing resources and educator training to make school a place they can be successful.

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What is 2e Intro for Educators - Understand what 2e is why supporting 2e students matters. Read about their internal experience and classroom behaviors. Learn top tips and solutions and to common challenges.

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Is my Student 2e? Learn about common characteristics and behaviors you may notice in your classroom.

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How Public School Districts Can Support 2e Learners - Public schools that support 2e learners shine as beacons of hope for 2e families. They mobilize and encourage their teachers to be their best. They spark their students’ strengths and give them something to reach for. They live and breathe equity.

Supporting 2e Learners Article

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Simulations for Educators - REEL has hosted multiple learning difference simulations for educators and students at PAUSD with our partner CAC. To bring these simulations to your school, contact us.


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Intro to 2e Workshop - The founders of REEL present an interactive overview of 2e - what it is, why it matters, and effective approaches for supporting 2e learners. 2e students experience both high ability and learning challenges, which presents unique challenges in the classroom, including asynchronous development that may lead to anxiety and behavior issues. Explore strategies to turn these kids into your most memorable students - for good reasons! To bring this workshop to your school or district, contact us.

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What to Do? Twice-Exceptional Students and Distance Learning - We’re excited to launch our “Teaching 2e: Supporting 2e Distance Learners” blog series with tips and perspectives on how to successfully work with 2e learners during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Twice-Exceptional Students and Distance Learning


2e Self Advocacy Panel—Help Your Student Understand Their Brain, and Their Teachers, Too! Helping students know how their brain learns—and how to talk with teachers about how they can modify assignments to fit your learning needs—is one of the most important skills 2e students should develop.

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Strength-based Learning with Dr. Melanie Hayes - When kids are far from the bell curve in both directions, parents and educators tend to focus on shoring up weaknesses at the expense of bolstering strengths. However, strengths are where 2e kids build energy to face their challenges, boost their self-esteem, and their likely future careers will lie. Focusing on strengths should be a cornerstone of any 2e student’s educational plan.

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Living and Learning 2e: Teen Voices

Twice-exceptional students have few forums to express their lived educational experiences. REEL is pleased to launch “Living and Learning 2e,” a new blog and panel series dedicated to giving twice exceptional children, teens, and young adults a place to share their voices.

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