Web Resources

2e News
With a mission to maintain a fruitful conversation among key stakeholders to improve the lives of gifted students with learning differences, 2e News provides readers with high-level information and perspectives about twice-exceptional (2e) education and cognitive diversity.

The 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges
The 2e Center is a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary hub where professionals, scholars, and practitioners combine expertise to enhance understanding of the growing population of 2e students.

Belin-Blank Center
Interested to learn more about the “Paradox of Twice-Exceptionality”? The University of Iowa College of Education’s Belin-Blank Center provides free, downloadable resources.

Twice Exceptionality:  A Resource Guide for Parents
The Davidson Institute for Talent Development released this awesome, free resource guide covering everything from the definition of 2e to the school experience and advocacy.

Provides free, well-researched resources and videos to support parents of children with learning and attention issues, including those who are twice exceptional.

Bright & Quirky Summit
Bright & Quirky eases the struggle for bright and quirky kids and parents, helps them self-actualize with the help of experts in the fields of mental health and education, and inspires the hope that new ideas and possibilities bring. The Bright & Quirky Summit 2019 brought together 30 leaders in the field, including Temple Grandin, Dr. Dan Peters, and Dr. Susan Baum.

2e Resource 

Articles, advice from professionals, teaching strategies, newsletters and spotlight series, to help you better understand your twice-exceptional students and help them achieve success.

Local Peninsula Resources

Dr Kari Berquist http://kariberquist.com Psychologist

Renee Lamborn https://lambornadvocacy.wordpress.com/ Advocate

Myron Dang http://www.ingym.org/ OT

InGym Open Gym http://www.ingym.org/scheduling-3/ OT Gym

Dr Lori Bond http://www.mosaicchildandfamily.com/index.html Psychologist

Summit Center https://summitcenter.us/ Psychologists Dan Peters and Stephen Chou

Trenna Sutcliffe http://www.sutcliffedbp.com/ Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Social Thinking https://www.socialthinking.com/Clinics/San%20Jose Social skills

Peninsula Associates http://www.paspeech.com/ Speech Therapy

Dr. Brendan Pratt http://www.prattcenter.com Psychological Assessments

Morrissey Compton http://www.morrissey-compton.org Diagnosis, treatment, consultations, educational therapy, skills groups, support,executive function coaching, tutoring, and advocacy Sue Garber M.A

CHC https://www.chconline.org/ Neuropsych, evaluations, programs and treatment for ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism Dr. Keil

Sarah Norris, MS, Occupational Therapy https://sensorycoach.org/ Sensory challenges

Wheels of Wellness Consulting http://wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com/ Behavioral assessment and consultation Heather Batalden

Parents Helping Parents   https://www.php.com/  Nonprofit that supports, educates, and inspires families to build bright futures for loved ones with special needs.

Gifted Support Center https://giftedsupportcenter.com Assessments and advice for gifted kids, school recommendations, Ann Smith

CAC / SELPA https://cacpaloalto.org/ School advisory committee We support families of students with special education needs by providing forums for respectful interaction and communication between parents, the community, and the school district.